Welcome to the Sportsthewinner website. As a PE teacher in the same school in the north east of England for over 18 years I have seen the impact of the various initiatives on school and club sport. It is so important to develop a culture where our youth of today have the chance to pursue the activity of their choice. Schools act as a catalyst when it comes to changing their pupils mindset. They can grab the pupils interest and offer the pathways to help them further develop. .
This site is designed to help bridge the gap between school and club sport. Although the initial focus is the north east of England, it is hoped some the initiatives outlined on the site can be applied elsewhere. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 
Hope you enjoy it.
Alan Fisher

Where did Sports the Winner name come from?

The name Sports the Winner is the name of a hockey team that regularly plays in the Durham Hockey Festival held at Maiden Castle. What is so special about this team is that get juniors, senior and even parents playing alongside each other. The team's ethic is to bring everyone together and I hope Sports the Winner can do that as well. Thanks to Sports the Winner hockey team for being such an inspiration.